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Re: Joe

Postby Garbaz » December 6th, 2013, 1:28pm

Worked with Joe a few times.

A few months ago he headlined the Doheny Blues Fest right on the ocean on Dana Surf Point in Cali. We did a 4 camera shoot on the Jumbotrons.

He melts my face.

He has it all too. Tone. Speed. Phrasing. Vibrato.
It's undeniable talent. Catches you dropping your jaw. Stops musicians back stage in their tracks nudging the person next them and saying things like "HOOOOOOLY FUCK"

It swell known in the biz you don't wanna follow Joe :)

What makes good guitarists is stage presence, and picking the right music and flow to capture the audience ... he has that stuff. My fav players aren't afraid either ... in other words Joe won't play every single note perfect ... and I like that. He still experiments from time to time. He don't fuck up often but doesn't' play the same show twice.

He seemed like a good person as well.
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Re: Joe

Postby donkeypunch » December 6th, 2013, 1:38pm

That show of his where he does the four concerts in four days with four different bands is great. The first one in that small club is really cool. Debating about the Sheas show coming up.
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