BLOUSES OF THE HOLY is on Jan 25th

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BLOUSES OF THE HOLY is on Jan 25th

Postby Garbaz » December 6th, 2013, 1:40pm


a Led Zeppelin extravaganza

8-10 acts

Most of the acts have female singers, all the of the acts have played in the past and are extremely talented. I will host the shindig and be shining some heady visuals behind the bands.

We always blow the roof off that joint and it will most likely land in Canada somewhere on the 26th. :) Seriously its kinda like a drunken get together for many of us that used to post on this wen site all the time.

Please come if u mention WNY Music, pay a measly $7 you will receive free chicken, beer and oh yeah a free car too.

Always sells out pretty fast get there early @ 8

Performing is the lovely Teresa Quinn (can't wait last time was fantastic arrangements)
Black Rock zydeco,
Corey once year band "the Yogurt Club" w Jessica singing
Kari Czubinski
Jeff and Kari Duke (I think w Jim Wynne) "Led"
Johnny Van Plant
Eric Crittenden
the Jeff Miers Band

and a few more friends and rock stars are interested ...
Now until April 10th take advantage of BAND OR SOLO ARTIST PHOTOGRAPHY now only $65 for a 30 minute shoot with umbrellas ... solo artist shots for $50 or Facebook or professional head shots for $50! Contact: [email protected]

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Re: BLOUSES OF THE HOLY is on Jan 25th

Postby Dobro » December 18th, 2013, 4:28pm

Garbaz wrote:a few more friends are interested...

Jeff, your friends in 'Moby Dick' are working out our songs. You talked to Blair.
Looking forward to it. Thanks.


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Re: BLOUSES OF THE HOLY is on Jan 25th

Postby All Change is Good » January 27th, 2014, 11:22am


Thank you for putting this together. You did a great job as always!
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