Music Stores are going out !

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Music Stores are going out !

Postby Boomtwang » August 1st, 2016, 4:20am

Sure has been awhile since I posted /read on this site " Glad it still exists " Of course it is extremely unfortunate that the younger generation will never experience an actual walk in fully stocked music store . However I'm sure most of you will disagree with a wonderful encounter I had . A month ago I was in California , I found two amazing things one is a former Buffalo boy ( Man ) who is very involved and successful with many real full stocked music stores . Finally I went to one of his stores in Escondido Ca. At " Guitar Center " As I walked in, it felt like I was in " THE TWILIGHT ZONE " this store was completely loaded with Amps , Drummers cymbal's , a Guitars section , Bass Guitar section , and even a Drums section . This store has top of the line gear , it was very organized and people friendly with no goo goo eye sales dudes sniffing you out . They also had a Bass and Guitar set up specialist department . I did make an awesome purchase , this is no B.S. I had a great experience and only hope this store survives the computer world that is taking over good people and many jobs for true musicians who love asking eye to eye questions regarding a possible purchase and mostly it is all authentic instead of counterfeit Fenders / Gibson's ect... Oh I have a personal question for Seven : Do you still own your upright ? :popcorn:

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Re: Music Stores are going out !

Postby sevenyearsdown » August 1st, 2016, 11:06am

Yes. I own an Upton Standard.


delete my account

Postby justme » August 12th, 2016, 11:39pm

thank you

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