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Postby sixshot » December 22nd, 2015, 1:57pm

The Last Reign is a melodic death metal band from Buffalo, New York currently seeking a dedicated drummer to take them forward into 2016. Influences include In Flames (Pre-2001), Soilwork (Pre-2001), At the Gates, In Thy Dreams, & Autumn Leaves.

We currently have 6 originals, only 3 professionally recorded so far. Here is a link to our 3-song demo: https://thelastreign.bandcamp.com/releases

Requirements are as follows: 1. You must have your own equipment and that equipment must be in decent live/studio condition. 2. You must have reliable transportation. 3. You must have the means to financially contribute to the band in the future. These expenses include out of town shows, studio time, etc. 4. You must have a decent skill set when it comes to metal/rock drumming. You don't need to be the "sickest drummer in the world", but you do need to be knowledgeable and productive behind the kit, able to compliment the riffs, etc. 5. Be opinionated. Have input about the music and be upfront about your thoughts on the band if you end up being our drummer. 6. Most importantly, have a sense of humor and show up to have fun.

This is a band, not a 9-5. Have decent work ethic but don't treat it as an obligation. We want you to want to be here.

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