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2 Keyboardist(s) looking to form unique PopJazz/funk/blues'soul band

Posted: March 12th, 2016, 8:47pm
by ffffrrrrmmmm
Keyboardists (2) interested in starting up unique "PopJazz - (non improv jazz- just straight ahead pop jazz only) - Funk - Soul - Blues - band. Some artists we are considering covering:

Steely Dan - Chicago - Michael Mcdonald - James Brown - Blood Sweat & Tears - George Benson Aretha Franklin - Tina Turner and many many more. Please - note also - jazz will be the smallest part of the overall playlist, and will not be "improv based jazz - but pop jazz only and maybe a few jazz & blues swing tunes. We have rehearsal space on Grand Island with full PA. We are both veterans of the live music scene in WNY and both have some lead & harmony vocals to contribute as well. We are looking for a guitarist - bassist - drummer - and at least two horns = preferably sax and trumpet - male and female vocalist. All members can be male or female - young or old. This is for the time being just a fun side project - with a once or twice per month rehearsal schedule at first - the main focus is not for gigs - but will consider gigs also if and when project proceeds to that point where the band is super -tight - and there is enough tunes to cover three solid sets of material - and there is a consensus to perform live. But if your looking for a regular gigging situation and thats your main focus - please do not reply - this wont be the band for it. Vocals on all instruments would be extremely helpful.

Special note to drummers replying - must be able to play Steve Gadd (Steely Dan) & Chicago Transit Authority style drumming. Please leave full name & phone number.
** Note still looking for vocalists and trumpet players - possibly guitarist as well - vocals extremely helpful. Auditions starting 3rd week of April 2016 will be held on Grand Island - sorry bout the tolls!!