Live HD Video and Recording Specialists - Now Available!

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Live HD Video and Recording Specialists - Now Available!

Postby relfaithsp » December 26th, 2013, 6:15pm

Do you need a professional live recording of your group? How about a multi-camera HD Video shoot for your band or corporate event? We specialize in Live recording and mixing. Welcome to Resurrection Studios.

Whether you need a multi-track live recording of your event, or want to make a Blu-Ray or DVD, we have all the tools to give you a professional package at an affordable cost!
Starting with the audio, we can track up to 32 inputs at your event so that it can be mixed down professionally in the studio afterward. Did someone make a mistake on stage? That's OK. With separate tracks being recorded, you can come in the studio afterward and fix any mistakes, without affecting the other musical parts, before we master your CD. If you want a live DVD or Blu-Ray to go with it, we do that too.

Resurrection Studios can do 3 and 4 camera live recordings, all in full 1080p HD, which means you can get HD Blu-Ray quality of your project. Your master can be on a Blu-Ray, DVD, or an AVCHD computer file that can be uploaded to popular websites like YouTube, or used for duplication. Speaking of duplication, we do that too. We offer low priced copies on Blu-Ray or DVD, along with professional artwork and packaging for your project.

Rates start at $300 for a 32 track live recording for CD, and only $600 for a 3 Camera HD Video shoot which also includes the 32 track recording as well, along with a day of mixing and editing in the studio! Would you like more information? Feel free to call us at (716) 604-7668. If you'd like to see some HD video samples, go to and check out the videos of rock group Forewarned. All of these videos were done in Full HD, and compressed down to MPeg4 for upload to youtube. Thanks!

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